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The primary focus of Chinese studies in Hungary has been the vast expanse of territory known as Inner Asia. This began as an effort to understand the ancient historical events of Hungarians. In the 19th century when Hungarian sinologists began focusing on China and its exploration, Chinese scholars also expressed a deep interest in Hungary, these people who are located in Europe but who are also intricately tied to Asia. This mutual curiosity and inquiry brought about a bidirectional flow of culture. By the beginning of the 20th century Hungarian Chinese studies had matured significantly. 

After the Hungarian Academy of Sciences was restructured in 1949, it officially added oriental studies as a research department. The Oriental Library, which fell under the jurisdiction of the Oriental Research Center, was established in 1951. It grew quickly under the efforts of renowned Turkish expert László Rásonyi. The Oriental Collection in the Academy’s Library has an amazing collection, making it an important resource in researching the Oriental and Chinese studies.

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