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* America > University of California, Los Angeles
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Established in 1919, the University ofCalifornia at Los Angeles (UCLA) enjoys an excellent reputation as an instituteof higher learning, with a library listed as one of the most outstandingacademic libraries in the United States. Among the libraries in the UCLAlibrary system, the Richard C. Rudolph East Asian Library was specificallyestablished to support East Asia-related teaching and research. It mainlycollects Chinese, Japanese, and Korean publications, the largest number ofwhich are written in Chinese. The books collected mainly relate to the fieldsof archeology, religion (particularly Buddhism), folklore, history, classicalliterature, and art. There is also a particular emphasis on collecting regionalhistorical documents and almanacs, of which there are a large number in thelibrary’s holdings. The NCL and UCLA have previously worked together: in 2012the two institutions jointly hosted a Taiwan Lecture on Chinese Studies, and in2016 they signed an MoU agreeing to work together on the database of Union Catalogueof Chinese Rare Books.

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