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*Chinese Studies
Index to Ch'ing Archival VolumesNational Palace Museum Library
Database of Biographical Packets and Drafts from the Archives of the Ch'ing Historiography InstituteNational Palace Museum Library
Database of Ch'ing Palace Memorials and Archives of the Grand CouncilNational Palace Museum Library
清代檔案人名權威資料查詢National Palace Museum Library
Database of Rare BooksNational Palace Museum Library
書畫典藏資料檢索系統National Palace Museum Library
器物典藏資料檢索系統National Palace Museum Library
國立故宮博物院藏佛經附圖索引National Palace Museum Library
海外遺珍-非院藏文物圖片查詢National Palace Museum Library
Database of Treaties between Modern China and Foreign States, with Cartographic AttachmentsNational Palace Museum Library
Modern History DatabaseInstitute of Modern History, Academia Sinica
胡適檔案檢索系統Hu Shih Memory Hall
中研院近史所圖書館報刊資料檢索Library of Institute of Modern History, Academia Sinica
先秦銅器紋飾資料檢索National Palace Museum
中山學術資料庫National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hail
國立歷史博物館典藏資源檢索網National Museum of History
Digital Resources in International Chinese StudiesCenter for Chinese Studies, National Central Library
Taiwan E-BookNational Central Library
Sinica Sinoweb (from Academia Sinica)National Central Library
Chinese Buddhist Electronic Text Association (CBETA)Chinese Buddhist Electronic Text Association
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