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* A Taiwan Lecture on Chinese Studies is Held at the University of Tokyo
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On October 13, the Center for Chinese Studies (CCS) and the University of Tokyo jointly hosted a Taiwan Lecture on Chinese Studies at the university. Academia Historica’s Director Mi-cha Wu(吳密察) delivered the lecture, entitled “Taiwanese Historical Research and Official Documents.” The National Central Library (NCL) partnered with the University of Tokyo to establish a Taiwan Resource Center for Chinese Studies (TRCCS) at the university in 2014. This lecture was the second in the series to be held there.

Director Wu remarked that a substantial proportion of Taiwanese historical research relies on official support. Regarding the role played by the Academia Historica in documentary research, he pointed out that the institute continually publishes files, documents, historically-themed art, and e-books in response to the needs of researchers and the public. The publications include archive summaries, presidential and vice-presidential file catalogues, and compilations of historical materials. The Academia Historica has also created its own online search system so that readers can search archives of historical materials and catalogues of cultural relics.

The lecture drew a number of University of Tokyo staff and students, who discussed with Director Wu how the Academia Historica’s historical archives are currently used, and compared its work with similar institutions in other countries tasked with managing their national archives.

Academia Historica’s Director Wu interacts with the audience while delivering his lecture

The lecture was warmly received by staff and students of the University of Tokyo
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