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* Establishment of the Taiwan Resource Center for Chinese Studies (TRCCS) in UIUC
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On Nov. 14, the National Central Library and the UIUC co-hosted the signing and opening ceremony of the Taiwan Resource Center for Chinese Studies (TRCCS). Director-General Tseng expressed special gratitude to Professor William Mischo for his support of this project and also to the library staff for their efforts in preparing for the TRCCS in her remarks. 

 The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) was established in 1867 and is one of the largest and most renowned public universities in America. The size of its library collection is the largest in the world for public universities, with over 14 million volumes and over 24 million multimedia items. Some of its more famous collections include a copy of the Kangxi Dictionary printed in 1716 and purchased from the Bamboo Studio of Mr. Liao in Hong Kong, the Illustrated Seventh Book of Geniuses: The Biography of the Pipa published in 1735, Ming prints of Written Discussions from Gushan, Miscellany of the Western Capital, and Miscellaneous Morsels from Youyang that were in the collection of Indiana University Professor Wuji Liu, and the private collection of manuscripts and ancient books of Harvard-Yenching Library’s first librarian A. Kaiming Chiu. These ancient and rare books are an important foundation to Chinse studies. In addition, UIUC’s Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures also has a rich variety of classes offered and emphasizes the growing importance of East Asia in the world. It also produces extensive research on Chinese, Japanese, and Korean languages and literature, societies, and cultures. With such a replete collection, East Asian studies here is vibrant and innovative.
As part of the opening ceremony, both the NCL and the UIUC co-hosted an exhibition entitled “The Fascinating Culture of Books.” In conjunction with this exhibition, they also held a Taiwan Lecture on Chinese Studies, presented by Professor Kai- Wing Chow (周啟榮教授). The topic is “Printing Technology, Book Culture, and the World of Print in Imperial China.” Professor Chow discussed traditional Chinese books and printing culture. 

Director-General Tseng continued to stress that “the NCL has donated 772 titles 916 volumes of books related to Chinese Studies and Taiwanese Studies and will continue to do so each year. A database is also subscribed to meet the needs of researchers here. In the future, NCL will jointly organize the “Taiwan Lectures on Chinese Studies” in collaboration with UIUC based on researchers' interest in specific topics. The establishment of TRCCS will not only provide the faculty, students, and researchers at UIUC critical resources in Taiwanese studies and assistance in expanding scholarly exchange, it will also allow more people to read good books published in Taiwan and to access rich online materials for Chinese studies. This will facilitate Taiwan’s efforts to promote Chinese studies.” 

To conclude the opening remark, Director-General Tseng pointed out “it is my hope that UIUC with global knowledge status and excellent university spirit will have nice cooperation with TRCCS and that the scholarly exchange between Taiwan and the United States will be successful and fruitful.”

曾淑賢館長與伊利諾大學香檳分校圖書館代理館長WILLIAM H. MISCHO教授簽署了「臺灣漢學資源中心」及「中文古籍聯合目錄」兩項合作協議
Director-General Tseng and Prof. William H. Mischo (Acting Library Librarian) sign two agreements on the TRCCS and the database of Union Catalog of Chinese Rare Books respectively.

Agreements on display at the signing ceremony 

The TRCCS unveiling at the UIUC

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