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*Q & A
‧What resources the partner institue will be offered by the NCL?

The NCL will provide the TRCCS with the following resources:

1. NCL donates 500-1000 volumes of locally published books and audio-visual materials to the overseas TRCCS at the first year. The list of books will be provided by the NCL or jointly agreed by both parties.

2. Within the budget scope, NCL continues to provide research resources to the TRCCS since the second year.

3. Digital databases are offered by the NCL or jointly agreed by both parties.

4. Whenever the NCL organizes related Chinese Studies academic or professional activities (such as seminars, workshops, lectures, etc.), offer reasonable number of participants from the overseas TRCCS to attend.

‧Is it necessary for the partner institute to provide a space for the TRCCS cooperation project?
Yes, offering a physical space is the necessary condition to be the TRCCS partnership.
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